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Big Dicks: As long as humanity has existed, so too has a fascination with enormous penises. Primitive art, tribal art, ancient Japanese art, and the art of the Roman Empire are all notorious for representations of fertility gods whose members are wildly disproportionate to their bodies. There is a natural association between a penis and its ejaculate. Perhaps people assume that a large penis will eject more sperm. Of course, penis size has no bearing on fertility. To people who love big dicks, though, fertility isn't the point. Many people love the feeling of being "filled" when penetrated, and a big dick is the ideal tool for that job. A big dick will reach spots and rub walls that an average or small penis does not. And, while technique is at least as important as size during penetration, those who are turned on by big dicks don't see it that way. For them, a big dick is incredibly masculine: it's what makes a man a man. It may be slightly intimidating, even slightly dangerous, and incites fantasies of being "stretched" out during penetration. Big doesn't always mean long: thickness is also a factor in judging size. Ironically, some people simply are not built to accommodate big dicks. Penetration may be uncomfortable, even painful, and total penetration may be out of the question. A penis that is 8 inches or larger may limit one's pool of potential partners. One size really does not fit all.

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